###Captain’s log: Day 1 Monday, Feb 10th, 2:38am

What fun is there in trying something like a backwards sleep cycle if you’re not going to keep a Captain’s Log?

So here ‘tis: I started the polyphasic sleep cycle about 24 hours ago, with aspirations to align with the uberman schedule. A few minutes ago, I found this guide, which has some getting used to napping advise. In retrospect, that is good advice, as I wasn’t able to fall asleep 2/3 naps I took. I also only took 3 naps, because they were a little more Every man than uber man.

###List of sleeps taken during the first day:

  1. I took my first nap around 12:45AM, but don’t believe I fell asleep. Around 1:30am my alarm whent off. It was quite a struggle to not call off the entire experiment and get a normal night’s sleep. It was like being offered a free bucket of KFC when you’re trying to go vegetarian. Somehow I got up and started to read a book. I turned on a few lights to simulate daytime, and sat around for 30 minutes or so. Then I got up and worked / surfed on the cpu until the next nap, around 5:45am. I also made some homemade corn tortillas and guac to pass the time. It was pretty cool having an extra few hours in the middle of the night to read / consume articles on polyphasic sleep / think about how tired I was going to be the next day.

  2. Nap two occured at 5:45am, and this is where I really slipped up. Instead of getting up at 6:20am or so, turns out I wanted to sleep till 9:20. I’ll be the first to admit, I’m a lazy sloth that should be put in some sort of boot camp. When I got up, I was full of energy. I attempted a short ~ 10 minute meditation, and things felt normal. I got up and finished the corn tortillas, which were the spoils of war against sleep on that first night.

  3. Nap three was one of those naps that you crave all day at work / school. Around 1:30pm, I had a deep power nap and woke up very energized, and enthusiastic about the whole experiment. Since I slept so long that morning (core sleep), I figured I would hold off until around 10pm for the next nap. I had plenty of energy and took a bike ride all the way to Olneyville to visit a mexican food mart I found on Yelp. The food mart was one of the dingiest places I’ve been in, ever. The first can of kidney beans I picked up had a “best used by” date ending in 2007! Still, I spoke some spanish and somehow came out of there with ajo fresco, comina, canela, chili powder, and a few cans of frijoles (was planning on making a chilé, which came out boss) <br /.>
  4. Nap 4 was the last of the day, starting around 10:45. I didn’t fall asleep however (maybe because the coffee I drank in between nap 3 and 4…?), and went through two rounds of pushing the alarm back, as I was pretty determined to get some sort of sleep. I finally did, and awoke at around 1am.