Well folks, turns out that I like to sleep between the hours of 1am and 8am. But seriously, I tried to have alarms set at 1:35am, 5:35am, and 9:35am, and sometimes they just were not set! Something about how the subconcious either doesn’t set an alarm or I will wake up and switch them off before realizing what I’m doing.

One issue I take thus far with Uberman sleep scheduling is just that - scheduling. Living and dying by the phone alarm is putting a lot of trust into the device. I don’t like phones and wish we all tossed them into traffic, so having to constantly rely on 6 alarms a day is a little annoying.

So day one (Sunday) was a normal uberman day, with attempted naps throughout. Day two (Monday) found me sleeping from around 5am to 8:30am, then getting up and attempting the uberman nap schedule for the rest of the day. Day 3 (Tuesday), I had a job interview, so purposefully slept for 4 hours from around 5 till 9. I felt fantastic after four hours of sleep, which is crazy to say. Day 4 (Wednesday), I accidentally switched my alarm off or something, and ended up sleeping about 6 hours from around 1am to 7am. Day 5 (Thursday), I did the same thing. I don’t think I set the days correctly or something on my alarm, and nothing went off to get me up around 5:30, and I definitely just slept through the 1:30am one. Same thing for day 6 (Friday), I somehow negotiated with my subconscious to get a good 6 hours of sleep in. Felt the most energy at the moment of awaking today that I’ve had all week, which isn’t surprising.

But I’m determined! It’s Friday, I’m going to a hackathon this weekend (24 hours of coding), and I’ve got two weeks before I start a job (March 3rd). I can definitely get adjusted before then to polyphasic sleeping. I can’t wait to regain the night. But I also think there will be a time when I just want to sleep for a while. Always taking naps for just 30 minutes seems like you never get to veg out. Puredoxyk’s blog lists tips for not oversleeping, which include NOT using a blanket, NOT sleeping on your bed, keeping the lights on, and if necessary dumping cold water on yourself accidentally as you turn off the alarm(s).

I would definitely miss falling asleep watching Lost with a bowl of half eaten popcorn on the bedside table, then waking up 10 hours later to a lazy morning with more Lost. And banana pancakes. Yea…

Note I originally called it polyphonic sleeping, which would drive me mad to have the polyphonic spree playing while I was trying to sleep.

Until next time…Happy Valentine’s day! Here’s a guide to picking a life partner.